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George Hong

To obtain a full-time position in digital hardware design.

University of California at Berkeley
B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, May 1999

Technical Courses

Digital Integrated Circuits Computer Architecture
Microelectronics Digital Design
Signals & Systems Machine Structures
Communication Networks Advanced Programming in C++
Structures & Interpretation of Computer Programs
Other Engineering Courses
Properties of Materials
Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

Work Experience

Pacific Gas & Electric Co., Nuclear Technical Services, San Francisco, CA (5/98 – 10/98)
Position:  Intern in the Licensing and Design Basis Alignment Program (LDBAP)
Provided computer support for the LDBAP engineering team.  This support included maintaining the group’s intranet web site as well as working on the design and implementation of a large-scale web site pilot program.  The pilot program demonstrated the capability to create a workable information system that could define key engineering data and identify the specific sources of the data, including calling up on screen actual text passages from data source documents.  The pilot was completed successfully, and the potential value of such an information management tool was fully recognized.  Wrote a feasibility study report that assessed various options for expanding the pilot program to include all key engineering data for the Diablo Canyon power plant.  The study was presented to PG&E management personnel to serve as input for their future information management decisions.

Mason Tillman Associates, Ltd., Oakland, CA (6/97 – 8/97; 12/97 – 5/98)
Position:  Word Processor
Created legal documents in Word Perfect and MS Word.  Used Power Point, Excel, and various other programs to create figures and graphics.  Also assisted in legal studies.  Performed computer maintenance from time to time.

Information about jobs held prior to 6/97 available upon request.


Berkeley-Stanford Solar Car Team
Worked with team members to rebuild and improve the design of solar car for Sunrayce ’97.

Student Chapter of IEEE, member

Enjoy working on cars.  Preparing daily driver for SCCA regional autocross.

Additional Skills
Languages:  HTML, SQL, LISP, C/C++, MAL, VHDL, Verilog, JavaScript
Applications:  Cold Fusion, H/Pspice, WorkView, Magic
Operating Systems:  MS-DOS, Windows, UNIX
Other:  Hardware equipment (e.g., oscilloscopes, multimeters).  Attention to detail.

Available upon request.

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