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COROLLA Performance was founded in 1998.  The goal of COROLLA Performance is to provide visitors with a high-quality, CONTENT-driven website dedicated to the Toyota Corolla.  However, I try to extend the scope of this website to encompass a broad gamut of information.  Articles will have a technical leaning, presenting the material in detail when possible.

The name "COROLLA Performance" was taken from the title of a letter in an automotive magazine.  In that letter, the writer asks for modification information for his 1993 Corolla.  The response to his letter was anything but helpful.  That letter was one of my motivations for creating this website.  In the process of modifying my own AE102 Corolla, I have scoured the Web and searched abroad for information on this car and realized that there was little of anything useful.  During an "age of information" with millions of websites dedicated to almost any trivial subject you could think of, there wasn't a single one dedicated to the AE102 Corolla.  I took it upon myself to make such a resource available, and COROLLA Performance was born.  I try to compile everything and anything about this car, especially in the way of modifications.  I also try to present the AE102 and other Corollas in a different light from what many are used to, dispelling the image of a "mild" car.  This is my contribution to a car with great potential that the rest of the world pretty much dismissed (or rather, overlooked).

Since its inception, this website has grown considerably through my hard work and the contribution of others.  Originally focused on the AE102 Corolla, this site is expanding to cover other Corollas as well.  Although the intent was to have a "web team" maintaining the site and ensuring regular updates, I continue to be solely responsible for the site.  You can read more about me and my cars by clicking here.

Thanks go out to friends and members of Team Cipher and Toyota Mods, Toyota fans around the world, Russ the ZZE110 guy, and all you visitors.  Keep on racing...


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