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Here are some pics of my beloved AE102, a US 1996 Toyota Corolla DX.  Of course, I post pics of it elsewhere as well.  Note that some pictures may be outdated.  My belief:  Form follows function (primarily).  Although I don't believe in gaudy displays (all show, no go...hondaboys), I don't believe in "all go, no show" either (sleepers...old skool Toyotas).  The two extremes must be balanced.  But no rice, please.

 I love my car this much!  =)

  Under the hood, kept nice and cleannn.  Not pictured here is my TRD radiator cap and wannabe-TRD oil filler cap.  The oil filler cap is not the actual cap sold by TRD...it's a generic anodized aluminum cap with a very nice TRD sticker on it.  Other than the fact that it's not "official," it looks great.  The 7A-GZE conversion will require some reorganization under here...what do you think?

 Here's a pic of Bo at CLASSIC helping me with some electrical work.

  Takin a break on the side.  You can see how Toysport's clear signal lenses look.  Much better than the stock orange ones, methinks.  And check out that fly ass Autobot symbol on my hood!  Click here to take a closer look at it.  More...much more than meets the eye!  It represents my status as a faithful TransFan.

  A look inside.  You can catch a glimpse of the Autometer tach in the corner.  More importantly, check out that dope ass Toyota Team Tom's steering wheel!  Leather wrapped w/ carbon fiber center plate mounted on a MOMO hub.  If you look closely, you'll also notice an AE102 sticker blocking the obnoxious airbag warning light. =)

  16" Rally Sparcos wrapped in 205/45/16V Nitto NT-450s.

  Check out the San Francisco Regional SCCA Wire Wheel sticker on my windshield.

More pics of my AE102 are available in the Gallery (and elsewhere).

Present mods to my car

  • 7A-GZE engine  (In short for those who don't know, a custom built 1800cc supercharged engine with Toyota's performance head.  Go to my Engine mods page for more info.  This engine is still in the works, so it's not exactly a present in-car mod.)
  • K&N drop-in air filter  (I didn't run an open intake cuz the stock airbox flows enough air already...may reroute to cold air though)
  • Jacobs ProStreet UltraTeam ignition system  (fried my Mileage Master already)
  • Remus exhaust  (not a coffee can exhaust...but purrs just right)
  • GAB front strut brace
  • Brembo cross-drilled front rotors by KVR Performance with gold cadmium plating
  • //TRD HP-Z carbon metallic brake pads in the front, euro rotor semi-metallic brake shoes from KVR Performance in the rear, Motul brake fluid
  • //TRD radiator cap, oil filler cap  (a touch of elegance)
  • Toyota Team Tom's steering wheel mounted on MOMO hub
  • 16" Rally Sparcos wrapped in 205/45/16V Nitto NT-450s
  • Split Second Air/Fuel Ratio meter
  • Autometer tach
  • Razo carbon fiber pedals
  • Catz XLO lights, clear corners, sidemarkers

Future mods

  • Improve suspension
  • Swap in C52 transmission
  • Rear brace
  • Nitrous
  • Get racing seats and harness (safety first)
  • Bodykit
  • ...and way more!


Hachiroku!  The happy family keeps growing.  Below is my AE86 (85 Corolla GT-S) pretty much at the time of purchase (6/99), before I started working on it.  The former owner didn't treat it proper, but the body and paint were still clean.  The interior had seen better days, the engine didn't run, and the springs were cut (brilliant).  Good base to start from, but it needs a bit of work.  You probably can't tell from this pic, but it's been unloved for so long there's cobwebs all over it.  But together, we'll embark on a 4A-GZE adventure.

Here's the interior:


Here's the non-functioning engine.  The block's shot, and there's no compression.  And what's up with the funky colors?

So, priority 1, get the car running.  I proceeded to grab a "new" engine from my friend's wrecked AE86 (moment of silence).  While I was at it, I grabbed a couple of other things too. =)  Btw, all the Big Gulp cups you see in these pics don't actually contain soda...they contain miscellaneous fluids. =)


And here it is, a TVIS-equipped 4A-GE.  It took a while to pull out cuz of the "reorganized" front.


Final preparations done, we were good to go...


Right now, the car's off jackstands and running.  Needs some fine-tuning etc, but other than that, all systems are go!  I have great visions for this car...as usual... =)  Look forward to more pics...hopefully in a cleaner state.

Maintenance Log

I've decided to put my log online for all to see.  This way, visitors can see exactly what I'm doing with my cars.  Why would anyone want to do that?  I dunno, but I figured I should still make the option available. =)  Click here to go to my log.

  Here's my garage where I do the majority of my own work.  I keep it as neat and clean as possible, but look at how cramped it is!  I don't want to hear anyone complain about their garage ever again!  This pic was taken in 1/99.


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