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Here you will find pictures from events, pictures of other cool cars...well, just pictures/media in general that I think are worthwhile.  There might even be pics of non-Toyotas, but they'll be quickly towed away. =)

Click here for a QuickTime ad for the AE102 from 1996.  It's 25 seconds long and about 3.42MB.

In action!     

Please excuse the lack of a sufficient number of frames...it keeps the byte size down, and I'll be putting a better one up at some point...

Meet the other badass members of the AE family!  (courtesy of HyperRev vol. 18)






Another day at the autocross in my AE102.


Dirt runs in my AE102!  Whoever said Corollas weren't rugged?


AE102 draggin!  This is Roy's turbo AE102 running 14.4 @ 98mph.

AE86 drifting!

Drift baby drift!

Resist the power of the rice side while fixin up your Corolla, or you could end up being featured on the Riceboy page, like this poor car.  Remember to keep in mind functionality (above all else), quality, and discriminating taste...not that I'm passing judgement on this car...to each their own, right?  But really, the neon and hondastyle stickers gotta go!  =)  Seriously, stickers of this type are for sponsorship or to voice some sort of affiliation or support only.  That's a rare RMM  chin spoiler too...what a waste.

Nice Toyota Sprinter ready to do what Toyota's do best.

Autocrossing Audi A4...um...Audicrossing...so what's this doing here?  Historical reasons...


Here's an exact scale, highly detailed die-cast model (from Vitesse) of the kickass WRC Corolla.  It measures about 3.75" long and is detailed down to the gauges inside!  Of course I had to add it to my personal collection. =)  If anyone knows of a model of any kind of an AE102, I'd be more than happy to reward you for the info (assuming it's good)!

The WRC Corolla is definitely a source of inspiration.


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