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The exhaust system – one of the first things that gets modified.  A high quality, free-flowing exhaust not only sounds and looks great, it also often frees up power robbed by a restrictive stock setup.  However, before you go pulling out the cat and pre-muffler and running excessively large pipes, you need to understand what's really going on.  That's where a quick lesson in exhaust theory comes in.  Fortunately, Stephen Gunter has such a lesson on hand.

Now a custom exhaust setup is pretty easy to come by.  You just need to figure out what you want to do and then either go to your local muffler or speed shop or do it yourself (assuming you know how to and can bend pipes and weld).  Headers are available from Toysport, Hotshot, and most likely a few others.  You'll need a muffler at the end as well.  Quite a few manufacturers carry exhausts for the AE102.  Among them are:  Flowmaster, Dynomax Super Turbo, HKS catback (import from Japan?), RS*R, Ultra Flow catback, Sebring, Remus (single or dual tip), Apexi, Nakayama 4" catback, TTE, 5Zigen, Tenzo.  Contact the manufacturers for details or go to your local speed shop.  You might even consider just putting on a Cherry Bomb muffler!  Straight through and dirt cheap...you can't do better than that...quite loud though.   Most of the manufacturers mentioned probably have something for the ZZE110 also.

TTE exhaust
TTE exhaust

I have a Remus exhaust, and I love it.  It's made in Austria...purrs just right and ain't no coffee can.


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