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My thoughts exactly!  =)  Too bad modifications for the AE102 aren't exactly easy to come by...but that's where I come in...and your typical SCC magazine steps out.  (Note: stickers, paint, and air fresheners are not modifications...)  Modifying the AE102 will most likely take you down the road less traveled, but that's good cuz you'll end up with a very sweet and original ride.  Here, in an ongoing process, I try to compile info on all the mods available for this car.  If you know of any not listed here, or if I've made an error, please do inform me; I'd appreciate the contribution.

Exhaust System
I love what you do for me, Toyota!
Suspension / Handling
Braking System

You can also take a look at MY CAR or visit the Corolla Lounge for some ideas or inspiration.  On a slightly different note...due to popular demand, I've recruited Russ (districtofC) to expand this site to cover (secondarily for now) the ZZE110 Corollas (1998+) as well, even though I have no firsthand experience with them.  Click here to go to the ZZE110 Corolla Section.

As a quick guide, here is just some of what's available for the AE102 from Cyberspace Automotive Performance and Toysport. Contact them for more recent information or details. CAP carries a lot of things for the AE102 (at great prices), and they're very knowledgeable.  For most of your needs, contacting CAP will be enough.  All contact information is available on my Links page under Vendor Information.

Cyberspace Automotive Performance Parts List  (partial)

Oil Cooler:
6 tube Light Duty, 459, $88.45
8 tube Medium Duty, 457, $109.53

Remote Oil Filter Kit, 291, $35.70

Filtercharger Air Filter, 33-2672, $42.74
Performance Gold Oil Filters, HP-1003, $9.75
Intake Kit:
Polished Pipe, $147.60
Colored Pipe, $159.60 (blue, red, yellow, purple)
Ignition Upgrade
Fireball HI-6 Ignition,
6000-6420, $202.22
PS-91 Coil, 730-0091, $50.31
PS-92 Coil,
730-0092, $71.74
Universal Trigger Adapter, 6000-8950, $78.74
Tach Adapter, 6000-8910, $31.95
KV85 Competition Spark Plug Wires,
45251, $133.00
Eibach Springs
92-94, -1",
8208.140, $224.25 (set)

Strut Tower Bars:
97, STF126, $220.50
93-96, STF116, $220.50
92, STF125, $220.50

Super HP Adjustable Strut Cartridge:
Front, $180.90 ea
Rear, $241.20 ea
Note: Available only for Corolla w/ serviceable strut; w
ill not work on sealed strut

Gymkhana Struts:
Front, $120.65 ea
Rear, $180.90 ea

Rally Springs:
Front, $81.00 pair
Rear, $85.50 pair

Intrax Springs
92-94, -1.75", $209.25 (set)
95-97, -1.75", $209.25 (set)
KYB GR-2 Gas Struts
Front, 234057/8, $74.03 ea
Rear, 234059/60, $74.03 ea
Suspension Techniques Springs
93-96, -1.3", 60370, $190.37 (set)
Performance Pressure Plate, T-017, $183.60
Performance Street Disc, TYSD035, $72.90
Racing Disc, 6 Puc, 6P212C, $81
Racing Disc, 4 Puc, 4P212C, $64.80
Throwout Bearing, RB840, $33.95
TF Series, TF741609, $194.40
PS Series, PS741609, $205.70
SH Series, SH741609, $250.80
92-95, Centerforce I, CF035542, $307.35
Dual Friction, DF542035, $378.12
Brake Upgrade
Brembo / EuroRotor
Cross-Drilled Rotors, TO-693-CD, $83.66 ea (front only)
Slotted Rotors (6 slots, also available in 12 and 36), TO-693-G6, $83.66 ea (front only)
Cadmium Plating (silver, gold, black), $15 ea
Carbon Fiber Semi-m
etallic Brake Pads, M7441, $61.49 ea (front only)
Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines


Toysport Performance Upgrade  (prices as of 4/98)
Stage 1 – Custom Exhaust System (performed in-house only) $300.00
   Remus Muffler $280.00
Stage 2 – Air Filter Kit, cone type $120.00
Stage 3 – Throttle Body $250.00
Ignition Upgrade
MSD 6A $150.00
Jacobs Omni Pak $225.00
NGK wire set $75.00
Koni Struts, set $563.20
KYB Struts, set $404.00
H&R Springs, 1.25" drop $240.00
Intrax Springs, 1.75" drop $200.00
Intrax Super Set, 2.25" drop $200.00
Eibach Springs, 1.0" drop $230.00
Strut Tower Bar $80.00
Centerforce I $287.95
Dual Friction $349.95
Brake Upgrade
Cross Drilled Rotors (front pair only) $225.00
Braided S.S. Hose Lines $125.00
Repco/PBR Metal Master Brake Pads (front set) $75.00
Body Kit
Sigma $900.00
Clear Lenses
Corner Lamps (pair) $65.00
Bumper Lamps (pair) $65.00

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