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At first, I could hardly find any body styling parts for the AE102...but the Japanese One & Only Dress Up Catalog I discovered (thanx to Antonio @ Team Cipher) has shown me that there are more fly ass kits available (from Japan) than I had thought!  Of course, the magazine (more like a mini-book) focuses only on the Corolla wagon (and Caldina wagon), but that's not a problem cuz the sedan shares the same parts except for the rear bumper.  This magazine is a must have!  Also, I've discovered that a number of AE102 owners have plans for fabbing their own kits...I'll definitely give credit to their work here when they're done.

The following are the two bodykits available for this car from Erebuni.  Prior to my "discovery," these were the only two kits I knew of.  I don't like them very much but show them here for the sake of completeness.  The "Sigma kit" Toysport carries is just the top one you see here.  Some people have had bad dealings with Erebuni, so buyer beware.  I've done no business with them yet, so I can't say.  The Japanese AE101s got some really nice kits (and wings).  It'd be so cool if they fit on the AE102.  Unfortunately, I don't think the TRD wing for the AE101 will fit without some body work...but with body work, you can flush-mount the wing. =)



Check out these universal wings from Erebuni.  Of course, there are numerous other universal wings, but these two appealed to me the most, especially the touring wing, of which there are numerous types as well.

Side-of-rice universal Shogun Style Wing No. 636:  $357

Universal Touring Style Wing No. 576:  $321 ($353 w/ LED)

Ok, now here are some samples from the One & Only magazine, which covers just about every aspect of styling for the AE102, from lights to exterior AND interior parts as well as miscellaneous engine parts etc.  This is only to give you an idea of what's covered in this magazine.  I probably won't be scanning any more pics from this mag since it's my only copy with no more in sight.


Take a closer look at those headlights!

Want a tow ring?

The following are developed by TTE, Toyota Team Europe (contact info on Links page under Vendors).  Their car is the hatchback version of the US Corolla, sharing the front half.  Thanx to Dirk Apel of Celi-News for making this available.  The TTE bumper and grille are available from Japan as well.

Order# AM28060
308.20 DM

It's no longer rumor,   Wings West will be developing a body kit for the AE102 due to increasing requests.  Time to product is still uncertain at this point, and rumor says that it will look like the 94-97 "W" type Accord (ugh) and will be made of urethane.  They will also be making a Commando style kit and a three piece wing specifically for the AE102.  Look forward to some pics.

Factory Parts from Toyota

The following Corolla is from Toyota Australia.  It's a hatchback version of the US Corolla with a slightly different front bumper.

  Headlight Covers (Part #0881412310C)

  Bonnet Protector (Part #0881512310C)

  Towbar (Part #0864412310C)

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