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You gotta be able to hang with the curves.....of the road, that is.  Power is useless without control.  The stock suspension of the AE102 is just a bit too conservative.  Don't expect to be whippin round the track until you can address this issue (but don't let it stop you either!).  Setups will vary, depending on your application, be it street, autox, or roadrage...I mean roadrace.  Regardless, a bit of thought and planning will go a long way, and please do it right...don't cut your springs.  While selecting a setup, keep in mind the very general rule: "Stiffer rear increases oversteer."  

As for actual parts, there are quite a number of manufacturers that carry suspension parts for the AE102.  To mention just a few:  GAB, KYB, Tokico, Eibach, H&R.  You can contact them directly, or a dealer, for more information.  The parts include springs, struts (the AE102 does not have "shocks"), front strut brace, rear brace, stabilizer bars, etc.  IMO, GAB on all four corners should be quite nice.  Again, Cyberauto Performance should be able to get these parts for you (at a great price).  As a word of advice, change your struts and springs at the same time to keep the suspension well balanced.  The two work together, not separately.  You don't want to be porpoising from underdampened springs, to say the least.

TTE, Toyota Team Europe (contact info on Links page under Vendors), lists a "complete suspension kit" for 3,256.19 DM.  The order # is AM28238.  I'm not sure what this kit entails.  Struts, springs, and something more?  The order # for the springs (-30mm) alone is AM28031 (366.48DM).Cyberauto can probably find out more for you and even order them (maybe).  The TTE numbers (price, etc.) I list here were obtained in September 1998, so please take note.

Here's a pic of a rear strut brace for the AE102.  For the longest time, I thought an aftermarket one did not exist and that I would have to fab one (not a difficult task btw).  Well, lo and behold, here's a rear strut brace by Protix!  Too bad I don't know how to obtain it...yet.

As for wheels, the selection available is just so large, it's just not feasible to list them all here.  It really depends on your taste and your driving demands.  Of course, certain wheels/tires are just plain superior, and I'll list them here...eventually.  If you don't know anything about wheels, go learn something new at the TireRack's website.  For now, here's two quality wheels you won't find on a honda:

TRD Wheel
It's a //TRD wheel if you didn't yet notice (15").
TTE Wheel
TTE wheel
4 x Rim 14x7"   Order# AM27105   960.02 DM
4 x Rim 15x7"   Order# AM28065   1,138.53 DM
4 x Rim 16x7.5"   Order# AM28050   1,207.53 DM

I looked into the possibility of using the //TRD wheel from the 98+ TRD Corolla package.  It's a 16x7 wheel, and I think the bolt pattern and offset are appropriate.  However, I chose to mount some nice Rally Sparcos instead (16x7).  I don't think they're the best looking wheels, but they're high quality, adequately light, and very strong.  Considering my aggressive driving style and occasional urges to go off-road, wheel strength is a top priority.  Here's keeping the RALLY spirit alive!  =)

17" may look nice, but show is about all they're good for.  They're flimsy, will scrape when the suspension bottoms out, and are terrible for autocross (on an AE102) and even street.  16" is as big as you should go, and that's already too large for autocrossing.  I will be mounting autocross tires on 14" wheels for future runs.  My Sparcos are currently wrapped in Nitto NT-450s (205/45/16V).  They are terrible for track, have poor wet traction, and are only tolerable as a street tire.  I definitely do not recommend these tires.

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