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Due to popular demand (and it's a Corolla, after all!), I will be covering mods and info for the ZZE110 Corolla here.  I do not own a ZZE110 yet and have no firsthand experience with them, but that certainly won't stop me. =)  I'm actually considering buying one just for the hell of it.  It's just not right talking about a car that I can't put my hands on. =)  Anyhow, I especially want to thank Russell for his contributions to this section.  More general info and info about the 1ZZ-FE engine are under Technical Info.

Here are pics of an Erebuni kit available for the ZZE110 Corolla.  Personally, I don't like the stock look of the 98+ Corolla too much, but this kit makes it look quite nice.


The following kit looks a lot better, IMO.  This kit is available from DL Body Kit, based in Taiwan.

Now having told you about these kits, I've got some bad news.  The bodykit from Erebuni is for the Japanese version of the Corolla; that is why the license plate placement is different.  Apparently, there are also other significant differences in the Japanese version's front and rear ends.  As for the kit from Taiwan, Americans will not be able to get it unless they have connections.  My source tried offering them $3,000 not including shipping, and they just said they were sorry.  Try harder!  hehe, j/k...

Well, not all is lost.  Check out the Corolla below...it was done up real nice.  (I'm sorry, girl, but you gotta move!  You're blocking the main attraction! =)  Notice the //TRD emblems.  This kit is developed by TRD and is part of their TRD Corolla package which should be widely available.  See below for package details, or contact your local Toyota dealer or TRD at 800-688-5912 for more info.  You can also visit TRD-USA's website (which happens to be significantly less informative than this site).  As an aside, the TRD package was featured and installed in an episode of Shadetree Mechanic.


Package Details  (note: components available separately)

Body Enhancements
7-piece body kit by Molly Designs.  Impact-resistant, polyurethane components designed to meet factory fit and finish standards.  Components use factory mounting points for quick installation.  Available in all Corolla colors utilizing a 3-step, chip-resistant, clear-coated PPG paint.  Includes rear spoiler.  TRD emblems (3) further distinguish the vehicle.

Part # Description List Price (USD)
00602-52300-000 Kit w/ Spoiler 1,575
00602-52301-000 Kit w/o Spoiler 1,393
00602-52501-002 Rear Lip Spoiler 193
00602-52501-003 RH Rocker Panel Skirt 179
00602-52501-004 LH Rocker Panel Skirt 179
00602-52501-005 RR Valence 141
00602-52501-006 LR Valence 141
00602-52501-007 RF Valence 141
00602-52501-008 LF Valence 141
00602-42601-EMB TRD Emblems (3) 24

Wheels and Tires
16" x 7" TRD wheels (most likely by BBS) maintain proper offset ensuring a perfect fit.  Pressure-cast aluminum alloy design reduces unsprung weight.  Wrapped in 205/45/16 V-rated Nitto NT-450 EXTREME tires featuring an aggressive all-season tread pattern.

Part # Description List Price (USD)
00602-42701-001 TRD Wheel (1) 207
00602-42700-005 Wheel & Tire (1) 344
00602-42800-101 Wheel/Lug Set (4) 821
00602-42700-001 Wheel/Lug/Tire Set (4) 1,431
00602-42601-COR Lugs/Locks Set 86

Lowering Springs
Courtesy of Eibach.  Progressively wound for both comfort and performance.  Ride height lowered by approximately 1.25".  Lower stance reduces body roll and provides tighter tracking during hard cornering.  Maintain proper suspension geometry.

Part # Description List Price (USD)
00602-48131-CF Front Spring (1) 76
00602-48131-CR Rear Spring (1) 76
00602-48130-COR Spring Set (4) 258

High-Performance Struts
Provide more consistent wheel control, reduced body roll, and improved cornering stability.  Adapt to all types of road conditions via self-adjusting, rising-rate shock valves.  Done by KYB.

Package Pricing

Part # Description List Price (USD)
00602-40101-000 Stage 1 w/ Spoiler = Kit + Wheel/Tire Set 2,847
00602-40101-100 Stage 1 w/o Spoiler 2,695
00602-40100-000 Stage 2 w/ Spoiler = Stage 1 + Spring Set 3,015
00602-40100-100 Stage 2 w/o Spoiler 2,863
"Coming Soon" Stage 3 = Stage 2 + TRD Struts TBA

Note that purchasing components as a set/package will result in a lower overall price.

Comparative Performance Results

Lateral Acceleration:  0.77g for TRD Corolla vs 0.72g for standard Corolla
Speed through a 600' slalom course:  61.1mph for TRD Corolla vs 60.3mph for standard Corolla


TRD Corolla body enhancement package, wheels, lowering springs, and exhaust system warranted by TRD for 3 years or 36,000 miles when installed by a Toyota dealer on new Corollas, or for remainder of original comprehensive warranty when installed by a Toyota dealer on used Corollas.  Tires warranted independently by their manufacturer.  Note that all components of the TRD Corolla package are classified as Level 1 TRD Sport Parts.

Additional TRD Parts

TRD cat-back exhaust with a high performance, 304 stainless, free-flow muffler (available in OEM-style oval or bullet shape) with round TRD tip:

TRD Front Strut Tower Brace (00602-53607-005):

There are talks of a supercharger being developed by TRD as well.

Different from the TRD package above, Toyota also offers a Touring Package for this Corolla.  From what I hear, it entails white-faced gauges (see pic below), side skirts, and wider alloy wheels.  I suppose you'll have to contact your local Toyota dealer for more details.  The gauges should run somewhere around $175.

Typical intakes are available too, but as usual, I recommend the custom route.  Look forward to more info!

In addition to the body kits already mentioned there is a new one on the market from Andy's Auto Sport (AAC). This is definately not like any other body kit on the market right now in terms of it's looks. I am not going to say whether I think it looks good or not (You can rest assured George hates it, I don't think he would support something that is not a true performance part. What a wuss! Just kidding) but I will say it leans toward the "insect-look" side. This kit is about $300 less expensive than the TRD kit but it's not pre-painted and is made out of fiberglass as opposed to the TRD kit which is made out of more durable polyurethane (nobody ever blamed TRD of cutting corners, they're just expensive). In the end it's your call, whatever floats your boat.


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