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All parts are for the AE102 except where noted otherwise.

OEM brake pads (front set, no shims):  04465-YZZA0
OEM brake shoes (rear set, new C-washers):  04495-12210
TRD HP brake pads (front set, no shims):   00602-04491-019
TRD HP-Z brake pads (front set, no shims):   00602-04491-020
euro rotor semi-metallic brake shoes (rear set, no C-washers):  597
brembo brake rotors (made in Italy):  T0693 09.5736.10 43512-12550
Distributor rotor:  19102-16010
Auto. trans. strainer:  35330-12030
Fram oil filter (can use this # to cross-ref others):  4967
K&N oil filter (may be discontinued):  HP-1003
Purolator oil filter:  L14476
Toyota oil filter:  90915-YZZA2
Wiper blade, 500mm driver side:  85222-12711
NGK BKR6EY:  stock# 3696
NGK BKR5EYA:  stock# 
NGK BKR5EYA-11:  stock# 2526
NGK BPR5EY-11:  stock# 6937
Jacobs Electronics Energy Core spark plug wires:   4005405
Remus single-tip exhaust (made in Austria):  904093 0501
K&N air filter recharger kit:  99-5000
Distributor rotor (AE92):  19102-16060 (for 92 Prizm GSi, GM# 9484-5144)
Distributor cap (AE92):  19101-16250 (for 92 Prizm GSi, GM# 9485-0617)
K&N replacement air filter (AE92, 92 Prizm GSi VIN 5):   33-2041
Magnecor KV85 8.5mm spark plug wires (AE92):  45249
Wiper blade, 450mm pass. side, no screws (AE92):   85220-16880
Wiper blade, 500mm driver side, no screws (AE92):   85220-32860


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