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When you come to COROLLA Performance and see that I've changed the update date, you might be wondering:  "What was updated?"  To answer that question, you would probably have to go through each section to see where the new material is.  To make visits to this website as efficient and useful as possible, I have this "What's New" page, so that if you've been here recently, you can go directly to the new material.  The last few updates will be logged here as well.


  • What's new?  Who cares, finally an update! =)


  • Holy cow, an update! =)
  • Gallery:  Added more pics, top to bottom.  QuickTime ad for the AE102 from 1996 available (3.42MB).
  • Modifications:  Updated Toysport parts list and added Cyberauto parts list.
  • Modifications / Suspension:  Small update.
  • About / My Cars:  Updated.  Added more pics.


  • Technical Info:  Updated.  2ZZ-GE engine specs.  Toyota VVTL-i system explained.
  • I realized that I was getting so caught up in a new look for this site that I was neglecting content development, the whole reason for this site in the first place.  I've decided to keep the original look (with some cleaning up as you may be able to tell) and to incorporate any cosmetic changes gradually over time.


  • You can see I've finally registered my domain name!  I can't really list specific updates at this time (but I'll try).  I'll just upload whatever I can get done, so please bear with incremental updates (all over the place).  Trying to hold down a career, rebuild a car, and scrap together some kind of a social life is not easy.
  • Gallery:  Added pics of a recent autocross in my AE102.


  • Gallery:  Added pics of dirt runs in my AE102 and some others.
  • Modifications / ZZE110:  Updated...more info and pics.
  • Modifications / Engine:  Small correction to 7A-FE info.
  • Modifications / Publications:  1999 TRD Racewear & Racing Collectibles Catalog (typical).  Great AE86 video by Best Motoring.
  • About Me / My Cars:  Updated.  Added section for my new AE86...lots of pics.
  • Other Interests:  Transformers FAQ v6.0 now available (HTML-izing in progress).
  • Minor updates throughout.
  • I just went to Kinokuniya and ordered more copies of all the publications I mention!
  • Again, I want to remind you to contact Cyberspace Automotive Performance for your modding needs.


  • After encountering some misguided Celica ST (7A-FE) owners, I would like to point out the obvious fact that just about everything I say about the 7A-FE (under Modifications / Engine) is applicable to the Celica ST and ANY other car that has a 7A-FE in it...go figure... My gripe: One idiot blew up his Celica's 7A-FE by pumping nitrous out of his ass and then some (does this guy have any experience with engines?), and then he dropped in another 7A-FE and then complains about lack of power and mods!  What a dumbass!  First of all, nitrous is not real power...and this site alone shows that significant mods are not far from reach...and with the opportunity to drop in a new engine, he gets another stock 7A-FE?!  Somebody shoot this riceboy already!
  • Modifications:  The ZZE110 Corolla (previously under Modifications / Styling) now gets its own section under Modifications.  Also more info.  However, since I don't have that much info yet, the page will not have subsections.  I have tentative plans on setting up an independent ZZE110 site.  Sounds good?
  • Modifications / Engine:  More about 7A-G(Z,T)E conversion (from Justin Timbrell).
  • Gallery:  One new pic.
  • Cool Links:  Hotbot search changed back to Infoseek search.
  • Pending:  Pics of my new AE86 and of dirt runs in my AE102 and AE92.
  • Cops need to stop harassing people...go address real crime, you pigs...


  • Modifications / Engine:  More about 7A-G(Z,T)E conversion, specifically fueling/ECU issues.
  • Modifications / Styling:  Updated.  Wings West rumor is true.  More info for 98+ Corolla
  • Modifications / Suspension:  Looking into whether TRD wheel for 98+ Corolla will fit AE102.
  • Modifications / Interior:  Added one picture of wood dash kit.
  • Cool Links:  Added Crutchfield (great DIY car audio).
  • About Me:  Updated.  More academic stuff if anyone is interested. =)  Updated resume.  More about CORDIC processor.  One new picture under "My Car" just for the hell of it.


  • Modifications / Styling:  Rumor of AE102 kit being developed by Wings West.  More info for 98+ Corolla.
  • Cool Links:  Contact info for Toyota Team Europe (TTE) available.  Added Club4A-G, Yahoo's Toyota Corolla Club, and TRD Northwest.
  • "Home" button redesigned.
  • I've added an AE86 Hachiroku to my Corolla family!
  • Reminder of why the effort put into this site is worth it:  Feedback = "I am really impressed with your web site, excellent job.  I have been a Toyota owner and an overall Toyota nut since the early eighties.  I was really discouraged after buying the 93 to find out how little information on performance upgrades were available.  I had an 86 Corolla coupe that I was running the cones with, and there were plenty of performance upgrades available for it.....[W]e are always looking for ways to improve our Corolla's performance.  Once again, thank you for the excellent site, we will be visiting often."

I often go through each page and reword the writing a little, rewrite certain sections, or just check that the spacing's correct and there aren't any missing commas, etc.  These "updates" are almost invisible to visitors, but they contribute to the high standards I aspire to maintain...besides, I'm quite meticulous. =)

I was walking on the streets one day thinking to myself about my car future.  I needed another car (in addition to my Corolla, NOT as a replacement) and have since bought an AE86 GT-S.  I'm not a particular fan of new cars, primarily because most new cars available are so unimpressive or unjustifiably expensive.  But old cars are just that – old.  It is so hard to find an old car in good condition.  So much has to be invested in restoration.  But you can't blame the car...it's the fault of the negligent, no-love owners.  So I thought to myself that maybe I should just give it up and buy a new car.  But then all of a sudden, I came across an old turbo Supra.  It was beautiful, in pristine condition.  It brought me to my senses and reminded me why this is all worth it.


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