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Obviously, all trademarks, registered names, etc. belong to their respective owners.  All designs are my original, copyrighted work except where explicitly noted otherwise.  Please DO NOT "borrow" content without my approval or without acknowledging the source.  I make every attempt to give credit where due and to quote/list my sources as exactly as reasonably possible.  If for any reason you, or anyone, feels that I have failed to give someone/something proper recognition, please feel free (I guess) to let me know either by using the feedback form or by emailing me.  This site, above all else, is meant to inform the public.  I am aware that I make use of various copyrighted publications and symbols/logos, but in doing so, I am freely advertising for the respective companies.  I also make positive comments and recommendations in most cases.  It's a wonder I don't get paid or recognized for it!

Oh yeah, I also do not believe in censorship...

Have a nice day...and keep on RACING.....    Yup!

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